The value of tumor boards in cancer care

Exploring the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach

A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to oncology provides numerous benefits for cancer care. Physicians frequently modify their treatment decisions when discussing patients with other cancer specialists,1 and bringing together oncology, radiology and pathology specialists can increase the survivorship rate of cancer patients.2

This whitepaper discusses the value of tumor board meetings in cancer diagnosis and treatment decisions. It focuses on benefits for cancer care teams, patients, institutions and the greater medical community.

Download the whitepaper to learn how multidisciplinary tumor board meetings contribute to:

  • Improved diagnostic decision-making
  • Enhanced care coordination and patient care
  • Advanced education and research
  • Additional benefits for hospitals

1: El Saghir, Nagi S., et al. “Global Practice and Efficiency of Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards: Results of an American Society of Clinical Oncology International Survey.” Journal of Global Oncology 1.2 (2015): 57-64.

2: Prades J, Remue E, van Hoof E, Boras JM. Is it worth reorganising cancer services on the basis of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs)? A systematic review of the objectives and organization of MDTs and their impact on patient outcomes. Health Policy. 2015;119(4):464-474.