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Collaborative tumor board meetings can increase survivorship rates for certain types of cancer patients.1 However, the logistics of a tumor board often slows things down. Too much time and effort goes into gathering patient data and other information, and then the meeting itself has to be organized and coordinated as well.

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Optimizing the tumor board workflow

Collaborative tumor board meetings provide numerous benefits for cancer care. But reviewing cases at tumor boards takes time. Time to prepare all the relevant information, to input the data for presentation to the team, to get the clinical care team into the same room and most of all, to collaborate, to discuss and explore on... Read more

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The value of tumor boards in cancer care

A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to oncology provides numerous benefits for cancer care. Physicians frequently modify their treatment decisions when discussing patients with other cancer specialists,1 and bringing together oncology, radiology and pathology specialists can increase the survivorship rate of cancer patients.2

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Keep patient information protected

Healthcare organizations face many unique challenges when it comes to technology. Being able to share and access patient information among care specialists is crucial for better informed treatment decisions. This is why adopting cloud-based solutions is becoming an industry-wide best practice.

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Tumor board workflow challenges

All tumor boards share the goal of improving patient care and achieving optimal treatment outcomes. However, many tumor boards also share a series of inefficiencies related to workflow challenges. These challenges can lead to inconsistencies and hinder the ability to deliver optimal benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration.

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10 tips to run a more efficient tumor board

Multidisciplinary tumor boards can increase the chances of survival of many different types of cancer patients.1 Unfortunately, preparing for a meeting can be time-consuming and getting different specialists aligned can be laborious.

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