Keep patient information protected

Cloud security with the NAVIFY™ Tumor Board solution

Healthcare organizations face many unique challenges when it comes to technology. Being able to share and access patient information among care specialists is crucial for better informed treatment decisions. This is why adopting cloud-based solutions is becoming an industry-wide best practice.

Cloud services can introduce new ways for care teams to collaborate: unlike on-premise systems, the cloud offers cancer care teams access to applications and data at anytime from anywhere.

However, a key challenge for software solutions is keeping patient data safe and secured: a recent survey found that nearly one-third of patients would change caregivers if their healthcare data protection was breached.1

NAVIFY® Tumor Board integrates relevant patient data located in disparate sources and data sets into a purpose-built, cloud-based solution. Would you like to learn how it is built to secure sensitive patient data? Download this whitepaper to find out.

1: Javelin Strategy and Research. Avoidable Collateral Damage from Corporate Data Breaches: Assessing the Effects of Data Breach Remediation on Financial Institutions, Healthcare Providers, and Merchants. Published April 2014. Accessed August 15, 2017.