Improving the tumor board workflow

Current practices and the potential for improvement through advanced technologies

When you are organizing or participating in a tumor board, a lot of time goes to preparations, logistics and documentation. Advanced technologies however, have the potential to create efficiencies and support multidisciplinary decision-making. This means more time can be spent on finding the best individualized treatment plan, which increases the survivorship rate of cancer patients.*

This whitepaper explores how these advanced tools can contribute to the greater goal of improved patient care and treatment outcomes. Download it and learn more about:

  • The most commonly used practices in tumor board workflows
  • The ways technology can improve the process
  • How to evaluate new systems for use in your own institution.

1: Prades J, Remue E, van Hoof E, Boras JM. Is it worth reorganising cancer services on the basis of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs)? A systematic review of the objectives and organization of MDTs and their impact on patient outcomes. Health Policy. 2015;119(4):464-474.